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It’s driving me crazy. I have a search mask that shows me only the ads that match my search criteria from several listings.

Everything works perfectly. I get a list of posts that match my criteria.

But when I click on a post and then press “back,” suddenly after 3 seconds, all the posts reappear as if the window has forgotten my search settings. It probably refreshes itself. How can I stop this from happening?

Thank you in advance.

I would just put the search box on the same screen as the list. The list will refresh when a search term is entered.

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The problem is, that my search box is to big for the idea. but sure, make sense. i think my database is wrong. i think i have to creat a searchinglist data included all options and then link the hole “searchinglist” with a user

Combining all those search options and filters into one string?

You are probably beyond the limits of what Adalo collections can offer in terms of search and filtering.

I think i dont have finde the right way.

is there a way that you can look over it? Or gladly also someone else? I would also be happy to donate something for the little hint.

A detailed search is no problem. However, as usual: if I look at my search results in detail, return to the search result, all posts are displayed again.

Thanks for your help*MTY5ODg5NDY0My4yOS4xLjE2OTg5MDg4MDAuMjcuMC4w

The thing is you are submitting a form, so the values are being cleared, this is how it is supposed to work.

Option 1. Stack it all on one screen.
Option 2. Store the values in the user table and make these user stored values the default values of the form elements. You will need relationships to the user table for each dropdown or use hidden fields instead.

  • clearing these fields becomes necessary, you would need another action ‘update’ the user to do this.

So go with 1 for ease.

Be aware that the experience in preview mode is not the same as native builds.

You have multiple OR operands which will give lots of results. I think you mean to use AND

If that has helped feel free to shout me some coffee
or if you need more assistance just ask.

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