Clear m&m user data

Hi everyone!

I need your help finding a way to clear or empty a m&m rel between an user and a db.
Let’s say a User have a list of tasks that are all complete. Now the User wants to clear his task list to start fresh. There is a way with an action or screen confirmation to do this?

PD: The tasks are created by an Admin and those are the same for all user.

Thanks in advance!

Well, I hope my response would not prevent others to respond this thread.

My take would be to create a button for admin to choose user that want to be cleared, it is custom list of users collection with button inside.

Action of the button, linked to interim screen (batch screen), which filled with countdown, you can use m-to-m collections here with its filter and use countdown inside list to remove relation in that property.

Search for countdown in youtube videos or this forum, they will explain better.

Thans @Yongki,

You are the countdown master!! haha
If someone need it, I end up using this video as reference.

Thanks again!

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Happy to hear that.

Yeah, we are stuck at countdown until Adalo make proper component for batch action.

Another thing, since performance is slow to load list, I usually put 5 seconds at countdown outside the list, but for countdown inside list, I always use 1 second.


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