"Delete all" button in notifications

I have created a list of notifications for the logged in user, which have notifications from a single collection in the database, and send friend requests, comments, and responses. Everything works perfectly, but I need one last thing to finish it, to have a button so that the user can delete the entire list. In the image, the red cross removes the current notification, but I can’t find a way for the clear all button to remove all notifications from the logged in user.

I have observed that there is a mode with an additional screen, adding a countdown, but I have also observed that it is used for lists in lists. This would be for a single collection.

Any ideas for the user to delete their notifications? (I would not like to hide them because of the count, storage and excess of functions)

thanks in advance!

Hi @Lofi ,

You can use them inside just list.

Drag the component and make list (on left panel, click 3 dots)

At countdown component, on finished action, do delete action.


Thanks for the reply @Yongki.
I don’t really understand your proposal. The “clear all” button I have turned into a list as you say, a list of notifications (logged in user> notifications). What is the function that I should give it now?

I think Yongki said like this.

Thank you


Perfect @dilon_perera ! it has worked perfectly for me! Finally!!!

Thanks so much for the help and the video!

Thanks also @Yongki! This worked!


Great and Your Welcome!

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