How to clear up the list using a button

Hi, can someone please help me with this?
I am trying to create a list of multiplying numbers. The add button does create the list. However, I want the clear button to clear the list all at once so the list screen is clear and the user can re-create the list.

So you want to delete all records?
Not possible I’m afraid.

You could rely on a relationship and delete the parent record, then the list has no reference for it’s filter.

Perhaps two collections

Delete the worksheet.

You will have alot of leftover records in Sums, clear this out manually or use a 3rd party API call to do it.

Other approach is to use countdown timer to delete each sum. Read on the forums about pitfalls of using countdown timer. (For MVP I would use it)

Deleting the record doesn’t matter. I want to clear up the list when the user clicks the CLEAR button. I have DELETE button on the right hand side of every item in the list. However, I want to empty the list section by just one click. For example, if the user has 100 items and wants to remove all the list, they should be able to just click the CLEAR button.

Hello @Rick08 , you can achieve this action by using the (Multi-select dropdown), where you can select “All” and delete the list records.

Thank you!

Nice solution, not sure how it can be made to feel natural in a UX way.

@Rick08 I’ve suggested a couple ways to do it, one will cost you 1 action on a published app, the other will cost 100 actions. Unfortunately there are constraints when building in Adalo and you soon get used to the concept of ‘should be able to’ being ‘I am not able to’.

Multi select drop down, should be able to load a boolean state from the record in question, but it doesn’t.
There are 100s of these annoyances to workaround.

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