Click Action Link is going to the wrong page

Hey guys,

I am having an issue where I try to link an image or group to another page but it keeps going to the wrong page. For example, I am selecting my Spa Services page to link and it keeps taking me to my restaurants page. Is this a bug or is there some other prerequisite I need to setup before I link a page? Thanks

If you have grouped elements, then ensure that you check each element. Maybe you have individual elements pointing to restaurants.

If the elements are grouped, then I recommend removing actions from the individual elements and putting the action only on the group.

Also check how you have the screens named. Ensure screen names are unique. And I also recommend not to start screen names with numbers.

And additionally, and for future posts, provide screenshots or a screen recording (I recommend Loom). Descriptions only do so much. Images and screen recordings are key to help the community better understand.

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Thanks Charles, I was able to solve the issue after some trial and error. Appreciate your help and Ill be sure to include the Loom next time.

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