Button not linking to screen

I am having trouble getting a button to “push” to a new screen even though I believe I have connected the screen with a link as an action in the button and the data appears visible at both ends of the action (at the button and at the screen it links to).

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

Strange, try it from a simple text element, just the link action. If that works, remove the action on the button and re-add it. If that doesn’t work. Recreate the button altogether.

Oh and also check for duplicate screen with the same name ‘Chat with User’

Thank you Rozza, I solved it. Apparently, I was trying to link the group and not the button.

Thanks for sharing. I always favour putting actions on the group, if you ever come to change the design then you don’t need to remake all the actions. That being said, I don’t really use buttons, I use rectangles or images with text inside those. Worth considering if you think you might be changing things up in the future. :+1:

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