Clicking on input box in editor crashes Adalo

I have a screen I’ve duplicated for editing a guest. Evertime I click on a particular text box I get the “Oh No! An error has occurred” white screen.

I can’t select from the components in the screen list, or by clicking on it, or by dragging a selector box with the mouse… each way crashed the editor.

I just want to delete the darn thing and replace it with toggle button, but I’m stuck. Really don’t want to rebuild 4 screens.


Hi @robdavis ,

Before copying, try grouping all components on the screen first, then copy that group.

I probably confused the issue with the copy comment… that is not really the problem. I can’t (on any screen), click this one textbox (input field) without the app interface crashing. I can’t select it at all.

In my experience i find out that duplicating screens can led to errors.
Instead, create new empty screen and then copy paste components.

Will do. Any suggestion on how to delete the input box or do i have to recreate the screen from scratch?

Hello, as @Yongki has mentioned, you can group the components and then copy the group. If you’re still experiencing the issue, it’s better to re-add the components in the screen.

Thank you!

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