Clicking Toggle takes user to top of the list

I have a simple list with lazy loading and whenever the user clicks the toggle, after the 20th record, he’s taken to the top of the list again with only the first 20 records loaded.

How can I prevent this? It’s awful UX.

Turning lazy loading off is not an option, the list has thousands of records and includes images.

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The order of the list should not be “most recent updated”.
Hope it helps

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It’s not unfortunately… it’s created - newest to oldest. And now I tried it with “none” in the sorting criteria and it still didn’t solve it.

This is because after any action, in principle, the whole screen is rebooted. This is the only way to explain the situation where the list is moved up again. And this happens automatically. The ‘List’ element of the Adalo has no means of stopping this. Only through filters can it be played, but it still won’t be something very cool. But of course it is better than nothing. And I don’t advise using a lot of “visibility” rules, because the “visibility” option is with issues. And in Android don’t use shadows, because they are with issues too. You won’t see any shadows in Android:) Good luck

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Actually, in any list, whether custom or not, if you’re past the 20th record (with lazy loading on) when you click on any list item and then go back, you get taken up to the 20th record, with none of the following records loaded.

This is terrible UX.

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