Cloneable Kits & Full App Templates Just Released!

Looks like the cat’s… or should we say sheep’s…. outta the bag! :sheep:

You can now make your app cloneable in Adalo! :tada:

To celebrate, our team has made several Cloneable Kits (both UI & Functional) for you to use in any project you’d like!

Need a Tip Calculation Page? No problem, there’s a kit for that!
How about multiple new types of custom lists? There’s a kit for that, too!

Other kits include: custom modals, the following feature (thank you, Patrick Ford, for the tutorial that goes along with this), custom navigation, and a full app template (courtesy of Lucian Tavano).

Check out these cloneable kits & more about the feature here:


Fantastic! Thanks Adalo team!

Is there a link/forum page we can view all clonable projects from the community? Looking to see what is out there.

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Yeah, is there a place where we can check out the cloneable kits? Right now I can see only the ProductHunt clone.