Introducing "Templar Design" (Adalo Templates & UI Kits)

Don’t waste months designing and building your app from scratch. With Templar Design, you can take an existing design, tweak it to make it 100% unique, and launch faster than ever before.

Templar Design is the best place to find premium Adalo templates & UI kits. We have magnificent designs that are easily customizable, so you can make them your own.

Templar Design templates and UI kits are built with pixel perfection, high-quality graphics, and retina screens in mind, so there’s no need to hire a professional designer!

Our templates are fully functional and super easy to customize. You can switch the fonts, colors, logos, images, and text on any screen to match your app’s brand.

Unlimited Expert Support

If you ever get stuck using one of our templates or UI kits, our team is on standby to help you out via email and/or live chat during our business hours.

Our support team lives and breathes app development, so they know their stuff backward and forward. So if ever you are unsure, just ask us a question in live chat or via email. We are here to make your life easier!

How To Access Your Adalo Templates & UI Kits

Purchase your favorite Adalo templates & UI kits. Then, click on the “Access Purchase” button.

Once you’ve browsed the templates and selected your favorites, add the templates to your cart and complete your purchase using your debit/credit card. Your account will now have the templates that you purchased in your account dashboard.

“Clone” the app to your account or copy and paste screens/components into your app.

When you click the “Access Purchase” button, you’re taken to an app previewer page where you’ll see a “Clone App” button. Click this button to clone the app to your Adalo account. Then, customize the app to match your brand.

Visit our new website and marketplace today!

P.S. Have an idea for a template or UI kit? Drop a comment below to make a request.


Hey, what’s the Shopping Cart Reminder app?

Hey @comicbook

“Add To List” is an app we launched to the app stores. It’s not a template for sale. I’ve been really wrapped up in client work the past couple of weeks but I’m releasing a bunch of new templates in May!

I’ve got some really cool stuff in the works!


:raised_hands: :muscle:


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Cool, I’ll go check it out! Thanks for replying :slight_smile:

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