Code when logging in


I have integrated a company code when the users register. (They will receive the code from me) Now I have set everything up, but when you press the submit button without entering the code, I also get into the app. Anyone have an idea what I’ve done wrong?


I think the button needs to be a list of companies where company code = input (or logged in user > code if youre storing it on db)


I think this is a list?

I am extremely frustrated… Hope anyone can help me.

Hi Ann,

I used to utilize a company code for app signup. I would watch this video: Setting up an Access/Company Code - YouTube

Essentially, the list visibility should depend on the input equaling one of your codes.

Hi @Emeka,

I used this video to implement it, but it doesn’t work for me… Can you share your database? And what settings do you use? You can always email THANK YOU!

I no longer use company codes, so my database and app functionality will no longer reflect it. That said, fortunately, I keep old screens in my graveyard section just in case I need to reimplement something. This is what I have:

Button List Set Up

Button Visibility

Have the list of buttons only visible if input field is not = empty. Might solve the issue.

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