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Hi everyone,

I have a problem that is seriously starting to bother me :frowning:

I have a user who can log in with an “Access Code” (I don’t want to use an email or password).

So I created a field in my “Users” table called “Access code”.

Then I created an input with a button and I said: The button is visible only when the value of the input is the same as the value of the access code

Problems :

  • As soon as I launch my app, the button is automatically displayed even though there is nothing in the input
  • The button is not displayed when the code matches

Can you help me? I’m interested in other ideas than this one of course

Select the button, group it by itself (“Make Group” option on the 3 dot vertical settings menu), and set the visibility to sometimes if the input is not equal to empty.

This adds an “AND” style of functionality.

Input is not equal to empty (group visibility setting) AND the logged-in user access code is equal to input (button within the group visibility setting).

Thanks again !

So I did that
and that
But it doesnt work… It’s really weird that the button doesnt want being displayed when I’m writting the access code…

Ok I found the solution. It was necessary to create a list of the button

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