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Hello - I am having trouble with a user/enrollment process. I’d like to use an access code upon login and I’ve watched the Adalo video on this topic on YouTube. My main issue is that the user’s company will not update when they enter the code for that respective company. I’ve tried a couple different combinations of set-ups and it will not update the info.

Any help is appreciated - thank you!

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You mean you entered the code and it needs to be that company’s code?

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Yes - I assign a company code to each company. We then give that company’s users the code we generate so they can use it to login to see only pertinent information about their projects. The problem is that when a user enters in the code into the area we have designated, it doesn’t update the database automatically that they’re a member of that company like I would like it to.

Where it has to update? What it has to update? :eyes:

I would like the user info to update with the company info with a sucessful submission of the code assigned to that particular company.

Here is what I want my Submit button to do when the code is entered correctly - update the user to the current company

But when I do that, I go into the user database and it does not populate the company name.

Hi Andy,

Check this out! : Company Code.mp4 on Vimeo

I believe you want like this!

Thank you

Thank you Dilon - that was helpful but I don’t understand why mine does not do that. I have it set-up so the submit button only shows with correct code like your video does, but mine does not update the User info with a submission. I’ll record what I have on Vimeo in a moment.

Also, I’d like to set it up so it requires the correct code before successfully creating a user. Right now, I can simply hit the back button without using the code and it will create the account and let the user proceed to use the app.

Hello Andy again,

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Is it possible to share the video or give access for this email ( ) clicking on the gear icon > app access section and add the above email to check that?

Does the user comes to this screen after proving the email , name etc?

Thank you

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