Collect phone number with the country code!


I am trying to get the country code and phone number after the user login!
They need to select the country code from a page after and not from a dropdown. Then field the number and then press continue.

This data need to be on the user collection.

Thank you in advance to all.

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Did you figured out a way to send automatic verification code to mobile numbers?

@Sopmac In the Users collection create a relation to the country_code collection.
When the user selects the country code update the Current User > country_code.

I Create a collection for the country code and a relationship with users, but on the user collection I have Country code and phone number separated.

I am not sure this is the right way to do, my idea is have the user to select the country code and them add the phone number and when they submit, it will update the users collection.

Is that make sense?


@SopmacYou can use country code and phone number in two separate fields of type number.
You can concatenate it like this:




I see on perfect.
My Problem at the moment is to select the country code from other page (or popup)

If you do it on a separate screen or popup you have to update the user collection when leaving the screen.

Yeah that is my problem at the moment because I want the user to select the country code first on this page (country code) and then add the number on the other page and only when the user continue it will save on the collection.


I know Adalo has a way to pass a value from one screen to another…but havent use it so far;
it was on one of the many videos Tutos…I think

I willl search for it thank you very much!

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If you find the link for that information please let me know!

Hello no, I didn’t get there yet.

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I managed to do it. I had to use a form because I couldn’t do it with an input field. Based on your screen I saved them separated on the user collection and now when I need to display it for I will concatenate them.
Check the video, if you have any questions let me know.

Thank you very much for your help

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