How to display the user's number, and not all

How to display a teleophone number in a user profile, without registering it, if, for example, he just added his number.

Because now I see the entire list of numbers in the database.
And I only need 1 added by him.

I have no registration…

And then, on another page, I can choose to pull out his number from the base, right?

Can I do it a little differently if I have onboarding and I am a user who enters a phone number on screen 3, and I will log in on the first screen without entering data, just clicking on the next button.

will this work?

and what if this is not a form, but deliberate fields?

Examples on the link.
sreen where I want to take nubmer, but not use form component

How configured database for sreen whith ‘similar form’

screen where I want to see only the number of this user

Hi @Ilya_DDD,

As for me it’s a bit difficult to get what result you need to achieve.

Why did you create the collection “Add numbers”? Why don’t you want to store phone number in one of the properties in User collection? And why would you want to avoid user registration?
Some more information is needed to give an answer to your question :slight_smile:


I do not want to login the user if for this he needs to fill in some data so that the user can use the application without additional actions.

Why did I create a separate list?
Because a user can add multiple tracking numbers, that’s the idea behind the app.

The user creates, for example, 3 numbers and looks at their activity and each number is given a name.

Can a user log in to the application if he just clicks a button on one of the screens?

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