Collecting information from users who did not install my app

Hello guys,

I wish you can help me.

I am building an adalo mobile app and the plan is to build a web app under the same name and share the same database between the 2 apps.

Anyways I need to be able to send forms to people to fill and I save the information into my database of Adalo but I don’t think it is a good practice to ask people to install my app in order to fill the form because this would be a hustle for them.

I need to send them my forms and fields by sending them a LINK so they can open it by the browser and fill the form and submit it then I get the data into my Adalo database.

How can I do that?

Please help.

Hey there @Layth Welcome to the community :sunglasses:

Create a web app with a shared database with your mobile app (under advanced when creating a new app).
Add your form.
Add your domain (or copy the “Share” link if you’re cool with giving users the previewer link).
Copy the link and send it to users.

Thank you for your reply,

From what you wrote I understand that I can do this just if I have a web app, am I correct?

So if I have a web app I just send them the link of the form page?

What if I just have a mobile app?
Can I send a link of a form that is inside my app to people that don’t have my app and they open it in the browser?

That’s a much more complicated scenario, however, yes, it’s possible to link to a form within the app using Pragmaflow’s Deep Linking component.

Definitely watch the tutorial video for it: Better Deep Linking - YouTube

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