Counting all visitors for an item


I want to have a counter for all visitors of a screen.

I have checked those posts: How to add counter as a Property in a Database Collection and Collecting View Datapoint from Adalo Internal Tracking but I have no clear solution.

So I have created a database called Analytics, with a value as Number and added the function counting for a screen, as it is opened. This is functional only for a general screen.

As if I want to count the opening for an item, from a list, in Detail Screen I will get the general opening numbers without any difference per item.
I know, it is logical, as it is related to opening of the screen… And there is no filter even is a relation between the DB with the items and Analytics…

Can someone help me with a counter for each item (for all openings, not only logged in users)?

Thank you!

Hi Ionut.

I would recommend creating an analytics collection, then have a record for each screen and a counter for each screen as seen here…


I would then set a custom action on each screen to trigger an API request to update the record for that screen. I would like to do an example but I cannot remember my API key to test it. If you have experience using the API I would suggest looking at doing it that way.

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Hey @ionutilie

If you’re open to doing external analytics, I’d recommend using Segment. They have an API based event tracking, for every click, screen visit etc, you can trigger an http call to segment to track the user interactions.

The best part of using segment is you can connect it with many tools to streamline your tracking data build models around it.

Best part is it’s free for upto thousand users & they have startup grant for first 2 years as well. check them out.

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Thank you. :clap:
I will check this way.

I don’t necessarily need the real analytics from Adalo. I want a counter that gives the feeling of visits numbers and allows me to create a top based on the numbers of visits.

Can you help me with more details from this perspective?

Thank you!

This sounds so amazing… :clap:

API relationship is not a strong ability for me at this moment.
I am able to workaround a solution based on a tutorial but it is difficult to start from zero.

I will keep in mind for later projects!
Thank you!

Hi @crmorris2, @ionutilie

Just a heads-up - on-screen-enter actions have some specifics. For example, they are executed each time when a button on a screen is pressed (the whole screen is reloaded → actions are performed). So with this I assume statistics may be a bit flawed.

As a quick workaround which came to my mind - you can try to use (my favourite) countdown timer: set it to 1 sec, make it invisible and add an action to add a visit to statistics collection. I think timer should be reset when you leave the screen and enter it again, but this requires check :slight_smile:

Also, according to information I have, there were some problems with custom actions (custom action responses cant be used). @Colin has more comprehensive info on that, we had some conversation about 2-3 months ago.

Just my 2 cents - so that you could move forward with more info :slight_smile:


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Thank you @Victor !
I will do a test with the countdown!

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This explain why a counting based on that method may count +1 or +2 sometimes.
Thank you!

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Many great ideas @bhanu @crmorris2 @Victor !
I remain with Victor’s idea as the easiest solution for me!
Thank you!

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