Collection export missing data

I was just using the export data option for the first time in the database and I was really excited by the possibilities this could bring for my app.

However, once I downloaded it I noticed there was data missing. I’m not sure if it’s because it’s a relational property or what but I have a “plans” collection that has a relationship to the user collection (many to many).

Screenshot from inside db.
2020-05-08 17_50_33-Window

Screenshot from the users column from export.
2020-05-08 17_50_15-Window

I believe that’s correct. We currently don’t support exporting many-to-many relationships.

That’s a huge pity! My most valuable data lies in these many to many relationships. My app only has 120 users so it’s not the biggest deala nd I can probably handle it a bit manually for now but obviously something like this is required for later so I can automate some tasks with it.

Use case:

I use a many to many relationship to match users liking the same property. I want to email these users when someone else likes the same thing as them.

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Any update on that support? I really need it for further analisys on the collection records.

No update about this ? Or solution ?

This will be possible when the internal API from Adalo is available.

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Hi @Colin
Thanks for the reply.
I really need it, i hope it will be quick :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi @Colin

It still doesn’t seem possible despite the API.
I tried but could not retrieve the many to many data.
Maybe a mistake on my part, did you succeed ?

I will see if I am able to make a tutorial on how to do this now with the API but I’m afraid that may take some time to get to. (Probably a couple of weeks, possibly longer depending on my other priorities).

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thank you for the answer.
I can’t wait to watch this

Colin, could you explain a bit on how to achieve it with an API?

@Colin Hi Colin - Happy New Year

Just wanted to check with you if you have posted the video on getting the many-many data exported using API. Appreciate if you can share the link.

@Colin or anyone else from Adalo:

Any update on this? I exported a project only to find out afterwards that the .csv did not include collections. I do have access to the old project, but my current iteration of the project is missing that key data. Any help would be greatly appreciated before I have to manually address this.

Hi @jpinnix ,

For current workaround, I use unique id for every relationship that needs to be reconstructed after importing later.

So, when we export this collections, it has these ids that we can manipulate with.

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Thanks. That’s a good temporary solution.

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Any Fruitful update on this please?