Relationship data not showing up when downloading

When downloading/exporting a csv of a particular table, columns that are joined in (relationship data) doesn’t show up, only columns from that specific table. Is there a way to change this? This is something I definitely need.

Noticed this in Zapier as well - not all table data shows up when wanting to connect it to external sources.

This is currently a limitation with our exports; they don’t include the values for properties that are related to multiple records. Feel free to add it as a feature request at Definitely a good idea.

No update about this ? Or solution ?
It’s important to my use :slight_smile:

any update on this? thanks!

Is there a way to do this already?

I want to download the CSV of a collection that is related to users and get the e-mails of the users related to each record.

Hi @afonso,

Last time I checked in the CSV you could see the one:many relationship to the one side. E.g. if you have a list of Products and a list of Categories (product belongs to a single category), and you download list of Products, you should see the Categories column.
No many:many relationships are downloaded though.

Just in case, you can get all the relationships via API calls, but this is a different story.

Best regards, Victor.

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Thanks for the feedback @Victor