Colllection and notification API access? Please don't make this private again!

Adalo CX team decided to make the previous post private so I’m recreating it here. If this gets private again. It will go online as a review.
If you do not handle a little negative comment then customer service is not for you.
This is a forum where we can discuss things and ask questions openly following some general guidelines (no foul language , not being offensive etc)

Here is my initial post

Hi there,
As per pricing table (Plans & Pricing | Adalo ) API access to collections and notifications are available on Team plan.

Back in January I asked a question whether Collections API is available in Professional plan as well and a member of Adalo team confirmed that it is available starting from Professional Plan.

I just want to make sure they are available in Professional plan:interrobang:

If they are available, it is still worrying since such an important error hasn’t been fixed since January 2023 which most likely cost them some business.

Here is Adalo CX reply.
Hey Kaan,

The website pricing page currently reflects the features you will get access to if you subscribe to that plan starting today. Existing Professional and Team plan customers who subscribed earlier this year may have access to different features and should check their settings screen for full info.

In the future, it’s best to reach out with account and pricing inquiries directly to our support team to ensure a quick and accurate response as things change and it’s easy to come across outdated material in the forum.


Here is my reply
Thank you for your reply.

Good combination , you increased your price, lowered usage rights and removed features from your most popular package.

What is the going to happen with my Pro plan when I have to switch to the new pricing plan? (I’m a legacy user)

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