Column Layout Staggers for Unknown Reason

I don’t understand why columns aren’t conisitent height? What tickery do I need to do to make them all the same height? The text fields are set to single line only. I have played with this for 4 hours now and everytime I try some different layout, it ends up being different.

I just tried making it 2 columns, totally different layout. In preview it looks fine, and then in Test Flight, it is off. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

Hi @ncmarc,

Couple of ideas:

  • did you check if Masonry layout is on/off for the List (I assume you have a list here?). It’s in “Edit styles” section
  • at the compiled app screenshot, you’ve missed the most interesting thing - what is causing such a view, when does it start? Is it an empty string, smaller picture, etc.?


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Oh Thank you!!! :smiley: I didn’t even see that Masonry toggle. All the photos are the same size, you’d think with everything being the same, it would still be even, even with Masonry view turned on.

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