Having issues with alignment

Hi, I created a box next to a picture and made them teh same height. It all looks great on the editor but on my web app it looks way off. They are both 102 in height. I tried grouping them but that didn’t help (see picture below). Please help!

How it looks on my editor

How it looks on the web app

Yes, that’s a common problem that I recently had too. I haven’t found a solution yet sadly. Here is my Example. In Editor its perfect aligned but on pwa and app it is distorted. Is has something todo with the text field. When I remove that (in my case the overlay “200” and “Vetties”.

Thanks - good to know I’m not crazy!!! Let me know if you find a solution and I will too! I could make turn it all into an asset vs. a box and text but worried that won’t look right on different screens.

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I will. Yes I thought about graphics instead of the native elements, but they making the app bigger and performance might suffer so I would like to use native elements instead :slight_smile:

Hi, I had a similar issue. I could fix it by unchecking Masonry Layout in the list “edit styles” section.
Hope it also works for you…

Thank you so much for the reply and the idea! I’m actually not using a list for this, but may try it based on your tip. Thank you so much for the help!

You are welcome.
Good luck with it!

Hiya have you figured this out? Having some terrible aligning issues using the built in elements



And like you guys I’m trying not to opt for pixel graphics.

Ok after running some tests, it looks like the image component grouped with the other elements is completely throwing them out of whack? I’m guessing they’re fighting to occupy the same space?

Can you guys please verify?


yes I think thats the problem. I just wish adalo would be compatible to figma :frowning:

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