Image feed with add and remove buttons

Hi all,

I am new to all of this so please excuse if its a simple answer.

We would like to create an image feed that our users can upload and remove images similar to instagram but simpler.

What would be the best way to do this?

A custom list with images, to say it in a sentence. Have an image collection, start playing around with it in a custom list. It will be hard to give direction until you’re a bit further along and needing specifics. How to make your app is quite open ended so you’ll have to learn the platform a bit and experiment. The good part is Adalo is easy to learn.

Thank you again, would we create a seperate collection for each feed as we need 3 feeds in total for each user.

What kind of feeds are they?

we want them to look like an instagram feed but have only one button to upload a new image. ability to use their camera on their phone would be great.

But you say 3 feeds, what are the differences? All on separate pages?

Yes thats correct, we would like 3 seperate feeds for 3 seperate different tabs on the bottom menu

Are they feeds of the same kinds of images? Then I can tell you if you need more database collections or not.

They would be the same kinds of images yes.

Then one database collection would be fine usually