Community Town Hall With the Co-Founders

2020 is quickly coming to a close & before we officially say good-bye, we wanted to host a Q&A with the Co-Founders. :raised_hands:

:thinking: Do you have a question you’d really like an answer to about Adalo? This is the event for you!

On Friday, December 18, 2020 at 11 AM Eastern, Ben & David will be answering your questions.

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To make sure we answer as many questions as possible, fill out the form here to submit your questions:

We hope to see you there!



I think there is really only one topic of conversation that most of us are interested in hearing about.

This seems a little tonedeaf.


I disagree… while the speed thing is a big elephant in the room, they are addressing it and being open about it.

There is lots more to talk about:

  • Ipad apps
  • Offline Access
  • Improvements to custom add ons
  • Where will Adalo be in 1 year
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None of that matters when your users can’t access your app.

Do you even know what the “speed thing” is? It isn’t that the app is slow. I can cope with that. It breaks things because the data is not being loaded at the same time as the UI.

So yeah, I can tell people that it will be great in a year. Well done you.

Hi guys, was this recorded so we can watch it (too late of a time for me in Asia).

Was there anything interesting that came up @KatelynCampbell


@TonyD (and everyone else!) here’s the recording from the Town Hall last Friday:

Many of the questions were about where various features are on our roadmap. As always with software development the future into the future you look the fuzzier the forecast gets, but the things we mentioned for January like Custom Fonts, External Users, and In-app Purchases are all looking very solid.


Thanks! That was well done and informative

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Oh no, what a shame that I missed this, will there be a new QA soon?

One thing would be really nice with the non custom lists, the ability to set visibilities

About the payed marketplace, would it be possible to have a subscription which is more expensive where you can just get all those components without having to pay for them all individually everytime?