Community with groups/forums/discussions

Hey Gang!
I am totally new to this platform and just built my first app. So far so good.
So I have been using Glide App for over 7 months and found that it is very hard because of all the code that you need to know inside Google Sheets in order to make things work right. Here things just work and that ROCKS! Again so far , so good.
So here is my question:
I have a couple of clients using Buddy Boss theme and plugin to run their sites. It is a WordPress op system. The issue is there is constant up dates and all that junk (which I hate)
So on this platform form how would one create a community that has groups and inside each of those group there can be different forums (aka Discussions)??
I know that is asking a lot , but I am just curious if I can build it here ( can not with glide app)