Complex Filtering of Collection (Comparing of Arrays)

Hi Folks,

I am new to Adalo and really excited and inspired working with it. This far everything seems pretty intuitive, but there is a certain task, I am struggling with.

The project is a restaurant discovery app with a main collection (restaurants) and other collections related to it (e. g. category, tags, pricing). The related collections have different relations to the main collection. (1-n, n-n). Now I am trying to have a filter view, where users can select (multiple) categories, (multiple) tags and more to customize their restaurant-list. I tried (and would prefer) to store the user-selection in the users collection for each user. However, trying to filter the main collection, I get an endless loop of options and cannot really compare the arrays, as I want.

I tried to find a solution in the forum and on google, but nothing really seems to solve my problem.
What is the best way to approach this type of task?

All Restaurants:

Example Filter View:

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