Screen 2 with results filtered by parameters sent by Screen 1

Hello everyone!
I have two screens:
Screen 1 - Select City: the user selects his city from a dropdown and presses the “Search” button

Screen 2 - Shows the restaurants in that city

For each restaurant I have a City field of course.

With Adalo do you know if it is possible to manage this need? I can’t figure out how to pass the “city” parameter to the screen 2 query.

One important thing is that the user is not logged in.
Any advice / solution is appreciated.

Thanks so much

For this to work you will need the following.

A collection for “Cities” where all the cities will be stored. Just a single text field is needed for this to work. Let’s call it “Name”.

Then another collection called restaurants which has whatever properties you need and also a relational property to Cities collection. (One city can have many restaurants but each restaurant belongs to one city).

Now you need to have the drop down menu on screen one with a button next to it or below it that links to screen 2.

In screen two you will make a list of restaurants.

You will then add a filter to this list. Like the image below but replace “event” with restaurant.

That’s it you are done.

Just a side note but you can do this entirely on a single screen if you so wish and the restaurants in the list will update in real time with the selection of the city.

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Thank you so much @Colin for your reply and your support.

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