Component resize lost after migrating to ResponsiveApp

In the app I developed originally in the “Legacy App” designer, there is a component appearing on the screen composed by a rectangle (as background) and two text fields - all of them in a List fed by one of the databases. This component was working as expected and the rectangle was changing its height depending on the length of the text (the purpose is to have a hover description on an image).


I copied the app to the ResponsiveApp designer and I noticed that the very same component now is not resizing as I expected: the rectangle remains at a fixed height, resulting in text going out of the planned space


Did anyone experience similar issues?
Thanks in advance,

Hey @enricomilani double check that your text component is grouped within the rectangle component.

Let me know and we can go from there.

Hello @Jacob_Lange, yes, they are.

The List contains the group:


And the group contains all the elements of the “hover”:

Worth mentioning that the component in the legacy designer didn’t have the labels into the same group, but still in the same list, and it worked. Here tried both in and out of the group, unsuccessfully.

Hello, I think I found the solution, based on a new component behavior I discovered in ResponsiveApp designer. I post it here for the overall community’s benefit.

In LegacyApp designer, when you add a simple shape (rectangle) to the screen and then you place a text label on it, both those components have the screen as parent and they’re listed as independent:

In ResponsiveApp designer, is now possible to use the simple shape as a container (like a group) and the same component looks like this:


So to solve my initial issue, I redesigned the hover starting from the rectangle, adding the “Title” and “Description” and then making a list connected to my database. The result is the following:

and in the App, it is displayed correctly:


@enricomilani, ahh great! I’m glad you were able to get it working!

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@Jacob_Lange I found out this behavior quite randomly
To your knowledge, is there anywhere a detailed guide on the behavior of the components? Maybe I overlooked it, but hadn’t found anything complete on the website.

You can check out this video

There’s also a few others going over the new features of Adalo 2.0.

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