Responsive design immovable components

Has anybody experienced components being stuck? Cannot be moved by mouse, or cursor, cannot be resized by mouse or setting number values.

I am converting an Adalo 1.0 app to 2.0 responsive design, copying and pasting screens in to the 2.0 version. Doesn’t happen on all screens. Very hard to be more specific.

Thanks for any insight before I start recreating said screen from scratch.

I’ve seen another issue - for large screens with many elements it wasn’t possible to select the resolution (Desktop/Tablet/Mobile). Smaller screens worked just fine…


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Are you guys doing a lot of transfers to adalo 2.0 now with existing legacy apps? About to pull the trigger on doing it but concerned about the lift and wonky bugs along the way. Don’t have a huge window to get it done.

I’m not doing a lot but I am doing one very large app, it’s very tedious. Conditions stop working even though all settings are present. The latest update fixing the layout flaws will hopefully improve the speed at least.

Oh yeah, and with external collections, params on a list aren’t sent to the endpoint.

That’s what I figured would be the case. Dreading it but also think if I can pull it off the final product would be worth it. Luckily no external collections, but lots of conditional visibility throughout.

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