Components Moving in Cards (in Preview Mode)

Hi all,

I’ve created a Profile Card that I converted to a List to be able to display User Profiles.

This is Default :

However, this is what I get in Preview Mode :

Does someone know what’s going on? Why are the elements moving around out of their fixed position?



This is a weird bug in Adalo. The way to fix it, is after the left column, place a vertical rectangle, with zero opacity, and then the right column. See attached example.

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Lovely! It worked for aligning the icons within the same column! :slight_smile:

However, the Text is still off. Do you have any suggestions?

How about try to shorten the text field width.

The example attached what NOT to do. If you shorten the text field to be right before the invisible box you just created, maybe that will work? Let me know.

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