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Hi everyone!

Sorry in advance if the question is stupid, but…
I was experimenting with the lists and tried to use a Card List with the Grid layout. I cannot get the cards in 2 columns, even though it is fixed in the options.

Card list grid options


I tried it in 2 different projects, resized the list, removed subtitles, buttons, icons, etc., and can’t find a correct adjustment to show cards in 2 columns…

Maybe I am missing something (

Thank you in advance if you can give me a short message about how I can fix it.

Thank you!

Hi @Lyasya,

Did you try selecting 1 in the columns section and choose again 2? Or deleting the Card List and adding it again? After adding delete the pre populated magic texts and add them again!

Let me know!

Thank you

hi @dilon_perera ,

Thank you for such a quick answer!
tried all proposed by you:
changing a column from 2 to 1 and back,
adding card list anew,
deleting text…

Same thing.

In fact, even when I deleted all magic text and even a picture, the cards in the grid layout still positioned themselves in 1 column on the left side of the screen.

In Adalo documentation there is a video about the card lists, and there everything looks fine…

I tried this in 2 different apps, don’t know what I am missing here.
Do you have some other ideas maybe?


Weird! Is it possible to send me the App URL through a DM?

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