Trouble Displaying Data when moving from list

Hey Guys,
I have an app i have been working on. all in all it has been going pretty well. I am having trouble however trying to gett the data to show up on a “users profile screen” some does and some doesnt? I have worked backwards and cant seem to find where the disconnect is. Is there anyone that helps with these situations?

Hi and welcome to the Adalo community!

You’re going to need to be a bit more specific as it’s hard to know what you’re looking at. Could you share a video walk through or screenshots?

Here are a few key questions:

  • What are you trying to show on the profile screen?
  • Did you develop the screen yourself or is it from an adalo template?

Typically, you capture user information in the user collection. Then you showcase that throughout the app using magic text.

Hope that helps,

Sure thing. here are a couple examples. I do use the magic text. It lets me go through the flow and pick the correct ones. its just not showing the data.

than when I click on the listed Item it will indeed send the picture and description but the Company name, profile screen, ect are chosen in the magic text but not displaying

Hi @aesir – Assuming that you already checked that the entry does have a value on the collection table, the next step is to ungroup and regroup affected element. At times some elements may not render because they are not in the correct visible layer grouping though they appear to be on the editor side. This might be the same for your profile view screen.

Something else to try is to, recreate the screen from scratch. Do not copy the elements from current screen and use fresh elements to recreate the design. I have had issues were all is set and layered properly but because I mess around with connecting data during the design process, some elements error out (possibly due to bad cache when relinking and coping-pasting).

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Would I be getting this error if I am at 100% capacity for the free version?

Yes, you could be. Your image settings are set so it won’t show anything if there isn’t an image. Try adding a placeholder image (if no image, show this) to see if that renders.