Components not working after upgrade

I just upgraded to the Pro plan and now my app is no longer working

My app looks fine when editing. But in the preview, it’s completely broken.

I hope you can help with issue. I tried re creating some screens and I have the same issue. For example I will delete the app bar, add a new one, and see if anything changes, I get the same issue @material componenet not found!

Hi @eggeriley,

I had this happen a few days ago but I refreshed the editor then it was fixed.

If that doesn’t fix it please submit a support ticket.

Okay, I just sent in a ticket. I refreshed the page, tried re-adding components, cleared cookies and cache, re-logged in. All the same issues. I have a few other test apps that are all broken as well.

Yeah the support ticket is probably the best option here. :slight_smile:

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Sounds good! I have faith they will be able to fix the issue. It looks like all the data is there but the previewer is messed up!

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