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Hello all. A bit new here and couldn’t find this info anywhere. I need to route the user to new page after they click a link, but the page I route them to will be dependent on what they have selected on the dropdown menu. How should I go about this? Initially was guessing I can create a property for the user that populates to whatever dropdown is selected and then based on that can determine where to route them but that doesn’t seem doable. Thank you!!

That seems like exactly the right approach.

Then create as many actions to Link to the relevant screen with conditional logic (under Advanced> When Does this Happen) as you have dropdown values. For each action, add the respective dropdown value.

Hi - having same issue similar to this one. My initial guess was to do this


That is, based on what the user selected on the dropdown list. After that routes to a certain page. But this doesn’t do as expected because it needs a “hardcoded” string equal to the selected option. As it stands this logic according to the screenshot doesn’t work as expected because it always routes to the first action the user selected (if more than one action is added). How do I put an exact string value I want it to evaluate against like → selected dropdown option is equal to “option 1” then go to page 1 and for another action → if selected option is equal to “option 2” go to page 2, etc.

I think the issue is simple. And this is something I found at first as I got used to the Adalo UI. Sometimes it’s not clear when you can click on something in the editor menu, or in this case when you can just type text.

Delete the red “Selected Appointment class” pill and type int he text string you want. E.g. “option 1.” Then repeat the action and type “option 2” etc.

Hope that helps. If that’s not it, I can think about it some more.

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Hi thanks for your assistance. I initially tried this and it didn’t work, and I don’t know why. Bizarre! String compares isn’t working as expected for now. I tried even using single quotes/double quotes. All failed. The reason is simple —> The “Selected Appointment class” needs a further filter added that say, I am specifically looking to filter against this field “A field” in this collection. As it stands there’s no further filter after selecting the collection we want to compare against

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