Conditional display messes up layout

This is related to a post I put up before but now I’ve noticed it happens even with basic setups.

I’ve got a banner that appears above a list of items in my shop front. I’ve set the visibility of the banner to sometimes based on certain criteria. When the criteria are met, the banner shows no problem and the list is correctly shown below it. The problem is when the criteria is no- the banner doesn’t show but the list below gets pushed up too far.

See here yellow banner:

Screenshot 2020-11-10 100049


However, if the condition to show isn’t met:


See how the first line of items has been cut off?

Any suggestions guys?

So I found a workaround to my own issue - in short- make the banner a list of banners which meet the criteria to be shown- the maximum number to show is 1.

If someone needs me to expand on that let me know.

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