Problems with conditional loading?

My conditionals are rendering and then disappearing if conditions are not meat, this is making for a very confusing UI. Any idea how to stow them from rendering then disappearing?

Sounds like a bug, you’d have to get help from the devs!

Can you provide an example of this @rjp?

Hey @Colin,

I am seeing the same type of behavior. You can see in this video that when you open the app, nothing loads in the filtered list and the text with conditional visibility still showing. The visibility is based on count of the list items with the same filters ad the list.

I’m still a bit confused what exactly is the problem here as there are 2 things coming to mind.

  1. The list items that should not be visible at all are showing for a few seconds before the visibility rule takes affect?

  2. Something else is happening.

If it’s option 2 could you give me a bit more context on that video and what should be happening.

Hey @Colin,

Sorry for not being clearer with that.

There is an empty state and a list. If the list is empty, the empty state shows. What you see in the video is that both components load when first opening the app, but then the wrong component persists. I.e. the empty state. You see this in the video when the app first opens. But after you click to another page and back, things load correctly. You see that at the end of the video.

The problem with some of my conditionals is #1

@rjp Are you experiencing the same issue as @ben1?

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