Conditional display issue

Hi there,

I am having some small display difficulties with some conditional elements, maybe you can tell me what I did wrong.

In the example below, I have a display issue with the “Lieu” element. This element displays the location of a date and I created a condition to hide the element if it has no location related. The problem, when I have no “Lieu”, is that all the content on the rest of my screen disappears (there is a piece of text superimposed on my menu). This component group consists of a large rectangle that is the full size of the “button” and text + icons above. Any idea how to solve this kind of problem?

In a somewhat similar way, I have a problem with the display of an image. Here is what I did in my editor on the left and how it looks on the right:

Here is the visibility detail of my two images which touch well without overlapping. In fact, when “Current Event > Event Type” is not equal to “Travel” it should display image 1 and otherwise it should show image 2.

In both cases, I have a horizontal space of 16px between my different components.

Thanks to anyone who can help me out!

In order to solve the 1st problem, I think you should create a transparent rectangle that separates the bar from the content below. About the 2nd problem, which is the image problem, I think you should put the 2 images beside each other not one above the other.

If the problem persists, PM me please.

Yep. Try using rectangles as containers or to separate sections.

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