Conditional questions

I would like to display or not a question depending of the answer of another question.
For exemple, if someone answered “Yes” to : “have you ever been to United States”, I would display other questions like “When?” “How long?” …
if someone answered “No” to the same question, I don’t want the questions “When?” and “How long” to appear.

hey there!

you could change the visibility of the item you need.


the result of that would be this:

hope this helps!


Thank you very much. I didn’t built my questions like that, I used “Forms”, that is why I couldn’t change visibility of some questions.
In your exemple, did you create each dropdown menu one by one and added a “texte zone” over each dropdown menu ? or is there a setting of the dropdown menu where you can add a question directly over it.
Thank you

you would have more control over visibility if you set up your own custom form, it is a bit more work but a lot more worth it imo!

i put the selection options in a collection like such:

for the drop down menu this is how i set it up:

means that it will show items in the collection that has the tag “questionAnswer”.
in the label field select the heading you want to see, in this case the heading in the collection is “info”

you can dump all information you need in your app in separate collection and recall that info wherever you need it!

hope this helps.