How to filter external collection by does not contain

Hey guys. I’m trying to figure out how to filter an external collection by does not contain. Some of the results have a certain parameter, and others don’t. I want the ones that don’t contain the parameter.


Hi Joe,

You might be able to do this using an custom list. Select the individual components that make a list item, and then make them a group. Then in the left panel, select the “more” menu icon and then choose Change Visibility. This option should let you change the visibility based on “does not contain” logic.

@Ben Hey Ben, thank you for the response. I’m a little bit confused however. I already have a custom list consisting of the external collection. I’m using 2 Query parameter filters in the list. What would I be grouping?

Or if I could somehow exclude the results that do contain the parameter, I guess that would work too.

Does the API you’re connecting to support that kind of filter?

I have the same problem and I use the api and custom action. Can we get help ?