Conditional Style of Profile Picture

Hello - I’m working on a membership based app and I’d like to have users who are paid members have a colored border around their profile picture when they are paid members (and the style update displayed across all lists etc.). Is there a way of updating the style of a profile picture based on a membership True/False – or a workaround?

Any help/advice would be awesome, thanks!

Hi @Tasha1 ,


This would need 2 groups of profile picture, the first one (on top) consists of image and rectangle (act as border) with visibility of membership=true, and the second one (at bottom) just image with membership=false.

The way the layout works with component or group of components with visibility, if they are not visible then the components below them will move upward.

Put another hidden rectangle on top of all that if necessary, to hold the layout at certain location.

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