Profile image verification

Hiya guys, I’m preemptively thinking of adding a verification process for profile images of users. Is there a way to do this in an elegant manner? I would like to avoid having any inappropriate imagery be added to the app.

Thx for any help


I believe you can create a profile picture collection with two columns : image and is-validated (true or false). Link this to the user collection.

Every time they’ll update, is-validated becomes false and you have a validation area on your admin dashboard.

User sides, only show image if is-validated is true.

Ps: You can also use something else than a boolean. Like a number field where 0 is not validated, 1 pending, 2 validated. It would allow you to create a flow so the user can check this out

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Awesome thank you, this sounds like it’ll work out well, I’ll try it today. :+1:

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