Display unaligned; creator vs actual app

When I create a page in my app I want a bottom menu, which I create with a simple rectangular square and add buttons on top of it manually then drag it to the bottom of the screen, in creator mode. when I show the app in preview or even on my phone, the bottom menu appears closer to the middle of the screen than where I want it. any solutions??

Hi, make your bottom bar as a group and then set the whole group to “fixed to bottom” like I did

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thank you. amazing. yours looks good btw.

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Thank you :blush: very much

I am having a similar problem to @parksidecreator except I am creating a web app. When I go to preview the app depending on the screen size everything shifts. Would you have any suggestions for preventing that from happening?

I don’t get exactly what you mean. If you don’t want your components to shift position, just set them as a group and fix on bottom or top. If you just want empty space i always use blank rectangles (no background) between elements to preserv their positions.
Keep in mind that preview (web apps) automatically change screen size so they are responsive, while in native not so is a bit more tricky to obtain the position you want from elements

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Okay I think I understand what you are saying. I was playing around with grouping elements and fixing them to either the top or the bottom but haven’t quite gotten the desired effect yet, I’ll keep playing with it. In your experience does fixing something to the top or bottom prevent scrolling on a longer page? Also is there a better way to preview a web app other than the preview function that Adalo provides?

In my experience, i always use fixing elements for my custom App bar (top) and my Custom Navigation Bar (bottom) in order to scroll only the desired content. This is a much professional approach rather than the whole screen scrolling
See this gif from my last app

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Awesome, Thank You! I will keep playing with it then, when I was messing with it earlier it seemed like when I had something fixed the whole thing would stop scrolling.

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Remember always to put a rectangle as “group container” :wink:

must confess I am impressed by what your app looks to work like, would it be maybe possible to try it and get some guidance in how to get approximated results? have you done any coding outside of Adalo?

I’m really happy you think that :blush: my app is entirely made with Adalo and i will launch next week on PlayStore the first test version. Will be nice if you try it!
Its design took one month to be made by myself, using free repository like https://undraw.co/ and a lot of patience with Adalo Components :wink:


Is it a city guide/ tourist app? that’s what we are making.

Yes something like that. You can explore events and activities. As now only for 2 Italian small cities :it:

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that is very interesting! looking forward to try it. :smiley:

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