Confirmation Question on signup?

Is that possible? To add a checkbox that user have to assign before the sign up went through? I need it for the GDPR confirmation.

Yes it is. You also can make your own Custom form and the sign up process is binded to the button.
Make two actions for the button:
Action 1: Sign the user up - only happens if the checkbox is true (I create a "helper database entry for this. Like a “user helper with the true/false check-field”

Action 2: error pop-up “you have to check gdpr…” - only happens if the helper value is false.

Besides that: there are legal formulations were you don’t need a checkbox to be checked. It’s like “with the usage of this app you agree to our data privacy terms” (and clicking on this text opens the data privacy text). At least that works in Germany.

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Here is my hack on this. Custom sign up form with 2 icons (checkbox filled and not filled) plus 2 buttons.


I placed an input field on the screen which holds the temp value of 1 or 0. If icon “unchecked” is clicked, the input value changes to 1. If icon “checked” is clicked, the input value changes to 0. The 2 button and checkbox would display depending on the temp value of the input field. Green button action > sign the user up. Grey button action > show error pop up.

Cloneable link here:


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