How to build a required consent checkbox into your signup form

Hi, I want to add a disclaimer to my app by adding a consent checkbox. How can I do this?
Or is there a better way to go about adding a disclaimer?
Thanks! Kalee

Hi Kalee! Did you resolve this?

No, I did not resolve it yet. Thank you for asking. Do you have a solution you can share with me?

Hi @KaleeG,

What should that do? So without turning on that the user can’t go forward? Built in signup form or a custom one?

Thank you

Hi @KaleeG
The simplest way I can think of - without other details on the purpose - is the following:

  1. Define a modal window holding your disclaimer text and two buttons, OK/Cancel or Confirm/Cancel, as you whish.
  2. Define an action attached to the sign-up screen visit:
    so that the user clicking/tapping on “signup” will be redirected to signup page, but will see as the first thing that modal window with consent request; the access to the signup form will be conditional to the confirmation.

This way allows you to register only users explicitly confirming the consent to your disclaimer.

If you need to store that information (for instance to comply with some regulation like GDPR), you can add a “consent” boolean field to the Users database and add it also as an automatic (invisible) field to the signup form
so that the confirmation will be stored and timestamped when the new user profile will be created.

Hope this helps.

I think the modal window tied with the “sign up” button may be the solution.

Text or link to the disclaimer and 2 buttons: “agree” sends user to “home” screen.

“Disagree” deletes the user from “User” collection.

Another solution is “Custom sign-in”

Add a “true-falce” record to the User collection.

(Do not forget to remove “lock” from the “User” collection)

The third way is using Xano:

Wow! this is a very well thought out and well delivered solution! And it may work…but I wonder…

do you think it would be possible to write the disclaimer below the sign up form and then add a field to the form that indicates they accept the disclaimer? This would be a required field and if they don’t accept then they can’t submit?

Hope this makes sense!

It worked to add a true/false field to the signup form to accept the disclaimer (which I wrote below the signup form so they could see it all on one page)

enricomilani solution would also have worked but I have so many redirects related to my sign up that I thought this would be easier.


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