Conditional signup (T and C for potential GDPR situation)

Hi guys, does anyone please know how to create a conditional sign up? Let’s say I want a user to click the toggle to agree with Terms and Conditions (for the desired future scenario we meet GDPR regulations :smiley: ) but the only option for toggle is to select actions related to the logged-in user, therefore cannot do it for not signed up user :thinking: Then it makes it quite impossible to create anything with true/false since a user is not signed up yet :smiley: Could anyone please suggest something? Or maybe it’s useless to think of this as it should be sorted once GDPR is met? Thanks for all kind of advice :slight_smile:

You can add a True/False button in the signup form with a text next to it and make it required, without ticking the box they cannot sign in.
Create the true/false field in the User Collection, then in users sign-up form just add that field and put it required.

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May be it’s easier to do by placing the text “By clicking Sign Up you accept the T&C which could be found here”?
Or there is an explicit requirement in GPDR that user accepts T&C by clicking on the button/checkbox “I accept T&C”?

Another option: multi-step login. Add the checkbox for “T&C accepted” used field on the 2nd T&C screen, and don’t allow user to proceed if it’s not checked. On the Home screen you can set the condition to direct user to this 2nd screen if this field is False.

UPD: here I mean that user account is created on 1st screen, but user is not allowed to do anything until T&C property is set to True.

And yet another option: create “anonymous” account and convert it to “real” one only after user accepted T&C. If you need more details pls let me know.



If the user has the True/false in the signup the user will never be able to sign-up, that is 100% compliant with GDPR :wink:

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Hey, thanks for advice. I think it’s the beat solution :slight_smile:

Hi @Victor, I’m afraid it’s required for a user to opt in by himself and not to agree in default (even if it would make everything much easier). Good ideas, thanks for help!

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Not sure if I got it or if you’re trolling z :grinning: :thinking:

:D, why trolling? For GDPR, person needs to voluntary click “Yes”. The process I explained is the one I use, there is a sign-up form and a tick box “By signing and tick…” you are agreeing to the T&C’s, without even user ticking the box, is not possible to submit form and when he ticks, it will be registered in the User Collection and he will be able to sign-in. Don’t understand the trolling, this is serious business :D.

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I didn’t mean it in a bad way :smiley: Just a small misunderstanding :slight_smile: I totally get you and thank you for advice!

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With regard to the toggle button I am probably doing something wrong but does it work on signup screen? I cannot make it work and therefore update user for Terms and Conditions :thinking:

Did you had the field in Users?

Then in sign-up form add “Visible Field” - Check if Action has “Sign-up” user, don’t know why, but when you create a app the Sign-up form, comes with “Login user” but should be “sign-up user”


User Records

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@sebastas Wow, it works!
Didn’t know that signup form can do that with boolean fields :slight_smile:

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Just to keep it here - my thoughts went another way and I’ve created the “toggle imitation” and made a small tutorial.
Leaving it here as well - could be useful for someone :slight_smile:

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I wasn’t using form for sign up but a single input fields because of limitations in terms of design so I will have to switch to from as it makes it work better :frowning: :smiley: Thanks a lot for the solution, totally get it now!

Guys, one last question please :smiley: I created a tick box for Terms as you advised but with my black background, active tick box is black as well and therefore not visible when active. Do you please know where to change the colour settings? I found it for the form fields but not for toggles :frowning:

the quickest would be to create an Simple field “Ellipe” with white color then add the toggle on top of it with a “Bring Forward”, then Toogle should be visible in Grey but you can add white, you can also put just the toogle button as white if you prefer

I think that the issue is that the toggle is part of a form (sign up form) and it disappears on all kinds of background. I tried to add an element with different colour behind the toggle and it’s still the same :thinking: It works if a toggle is a separate element but doesn’t when it’s a part of a form.

Sorry Tommen, I felt into my own trap, was a long day :). The only way then is to edit the form

Maybe Adalo will then add a feature to add CSS or style per field individually in the form.

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No worries, thanks for your response :slight_smile: I’m afraid it’s Adalo’s feature that it disappears completely. It doesn’t work with any colour. Maybe @Colin, don’t you please know what may be the issue? Thank you :slight_smile:

@Colin Could you please advise us on this?