Connect Rectangle to Card List

My web app has rectangle tabs.

I created a collection for my rectangle tabs and they are called issue areas.

Each issue represents one tab on my web app.

Now, I am trying to connect my rectangle tabs to a Card list that displays items on the same screen and each item has an issue area property.

I want to allow users to select a particular issue rectangle and it will update the card list.

I’m assuming that I have to create multiple card lists which is fine but I am not even able to connect one rectangle issue tab to a card list of items.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi @freegg,

Is it possible you to share a short video showing your setup and what you want to do? For me it’s a bit hard to understand :no_mouth:

By tabs means tabs in a menu right?

Thank you

So a button is inside in every white rectangles and you need that when you click on a group ( rectangle and a button ) filter the card list based on that clicked group? Could you share some screenshots of the database collections and the card list settings?

Hi @Yongki is this something you can help with?

I can only guess, there might be a need to link the Artworks to Issue Areas.

Basically, if we want to have different tab with each has its own list, there should be parent-child relationship (1-to-many).


Sorry for the late reply!

Thanks for the screenshots!

Now you can add a input to your screen or you can use a text property in the users collection or you can use a one to many rel like this. Maybe using a rel or a input will be easy. For use a rel you can check the above video and for input :

  • You can add a input to this screen and name it as like issue area filter.

  • Then for the list where the white rectangle and button ( group ) included that connected to the issue areas collection you can add a change input value action that changes that input to the current issue area > the property where this record can match with the artworks collection issue area property have.

  • Then you can add a filter in the card list that issue area > contains > issue area filter input

Hey @dilon_perera

Thanks for getting back to me. I’ve been working on your rel idea throughout my work day. In the rel video, you made the categories with a horizontal card list. In my screenshot, I created rectangles with a button inside them and wanted to filter the card with the grouped rectangle and button. You made a custom list and connected that to the horizontal card, that correct? If so, I actually wouldn’t mind making each category (issue area) an image in a horizontal card list but is this the only way it could work? Let me know your thoughts.

And I’ll try the input option if necessary.


I’m sorry but I didn’t understand what you are saying :no_mouth:

I made two videos that may help you!

With Rel : Artworks filter with rel.mp4 - Google Drive

With Input : Artworks filter with input.mp4 - Google Drive

Hi @dilon_perera ,

You are the man! Thanks for making the video and showing how it all works. I went with the rel option and it’s looking good with a horizontal card list image.

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