Collections failing

Various screen interactions using collections are no longer possible. That is, a button with a function in a list that was created earlier works, if I create the same button in that same list today, I cannot add the same function.
It’s weird, what’s going on?

@Ben @jeremy
Guys, I need some help, some feedback, I can’t work. = (
Are you making any changes or something?

@ben @jeremy
Guys, I found the problem.
My lists, even if connected to the other lists, they lost the connection. That is, I have two lists, one of categories and one of companies, where Category links to the screen with a list of companies. And in this list of companies I want you to present only the companies of the category that I chose on the previous screen.
What happened was that even when they are connected they do not work (I don’t know why, but I think it was after an update from Adalo on something in the collections), I’ll have to turn on all screens again. The problem is, I have dozens of collections with dozens and dozens of lists, this will take me a giant time.
But do what, come on, the sooner I start, the sooner I finish. :sweat:

That alone was not enough, I am redoing all the databases, and reconnecting all the collections in the lists. :disappointed:

This certainly seems like an odd occurrence. If you’d like to DM me your Adalo log-in email and any additional information I’m happy to try and take a look.

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