Connect two database

We create an app with your platform. Its purpose is to identify passengers for a trip. Passengers should be able to communicate their identity document (passport, number, name, etc.).

So I create a database for user and a database for document identity.

I now want a button to appear on the profile that links to a list containing the information filled in by the user via a form.

In the database collections, the identity documents are related to the user (A User can have multiple document identity A document identity belongs to one User).

In the list created to contain the various documents of the user, it is: a simple list Filter all passagers – customs filter : current passenger > user > passager (all)

Contains : Logged-in Users.

At the moment the user doesn’t see anything in my list, I don’t understand where I’m going wrong.

Sorry for my English, I am French.

I thank you for your help!

Hi @MarionLb,

The Adalo App Academy course on Lists could be useful in creating the right structures for this.

We have often seen success with troubleshooting by recreating the database connections on a separate space (pen & paper or digital) and recalibrating database relationships and lists.

If you continue to face an issue even after creating the lists again, and haven’t already submitted one - please raise a support ticket so that we can look at the same. Kindly do mention all troubleshooting steps you have taken so far.