Database Relationship Question

I have an app with an employee directory that contains name, title, photo, phone, email, etc.

I now what to start creating users to allow them into the app. I want to let users update some info, but restrict them from removing certain data points.

What is the best way to connect my employee data collection to a user collection? Ideally, I would want a 1:1 connection between an employee record and a user record.

If it’s 1:1 why break it out into a separate collection? I would think simplest approach is to make these fields in the User collection unless I’m missing something.

I do think too that Employees And Users members wont be able to log in the same App if their login credential is not part of the unic Adalo User database, you cant separate them, else one wont be able to loggin.
Add Membership roles for anything else for your needs…
Else, someone enters All details for employees in collectionB and you have users from UsersDB modifying stuff, but employees are not meant to log in…its just an info collection ABOUT them…