Connecting databases with form input?

Hello! Any assistance is greatly appreciated. Been stuck on this for a while. Intention is to connect date of maintenance log with engine log and tie it to a particular boat inventory ‘service cycle’ timing.

Need to connect ‘Boat Inventory Item’ > ‘Replace Every’ to ‘Log Maintenance’ + ‘Engine hours’.

@Greg can you give an example of how you want it to work?

Hi @Ben

A few scenarios to help explain intentions:

I want to be able to log a maintenance time and date, associate it with the closest engine hours date, then calculate the engine hours time difference and check to see if the engine part service cycle is below or above that difference in time detected.

Or put another way: log maintenance, reference engine hours to find nearest date of most recent maintenance… then yes or no if service is needed based on service cycle of boat inventory item.

I hope that makes it more clear!


I currently have a database for engine hours (records time and hrs), boat inventory (connected to user) and maintenance log (records time and connected to boat inventory).

Ok, I think to do this, you could make your log button actually a list of engine hour dates, filtered to be the one that matches your logic. Then the action on the button to create the log can be associated with the “current engine hour” date.

Appreciate you thinking through this. Going to test and see what I can do. Thanks, Greg